Our thoughtfully designed THE LUA | LINEN BAG, with its soft and organic feel, comes in a fresh and earthy colour palette. It is made in soft neutral linen – sustainable in production and design.

Ellie Louise Coker shot by Ana Suntay-Tañedo | Sydney, Australia



Dreamgirl Brook Power wearing our THE MAYA | LINEN TOP. This very clean, very feminine top, with its minimal and laid back aesthetic, is made of natural linen. It features delicate spaghetti straps and a soft neckline.

Shot by Zac Taylor | California, United States.



Dreamgirl Britt Bergmeister wearing THE ISABEL | PANTIES.

These stretch-infused ribbed panties, in a beautifully textured cotton, rounds out THE SEPT’s evolving range of refined styles that elevate the modern wardrobe. One you reach for and feel confident and at ease by the water.

Shot by Bliss Katherine | Malibu, California.



Dreamgirl @amelorie in our THE ALISHA | BOYFRIEND TEE. Our casual boyfriend t-shirt in a washed cotton features rolled sleeves and completes the wardrobe of the modern minimalist.

Ease into summer.



Dreamgirl Ellie Louise Coker wearing our finely ribbed THE RACHEL, which unites 90s minimalism and sensuality through its smooth material and a slim fit. Think black string bikinis and white ribbed tanks. Rachel Green is a Verb.

Shot by Ana Suntay-Tañedo | Sydney, Australia.